Factors to check if Apple’s iWatch is a Perfect Smart Watch

The Apple’s iWatch has been the latest wearable tech that has been recently announced. As we all know, these wearable tech had also become the hottest trends nowadays. So far, wehaven’t had a watch that comes close to an image of a perfect smartwatch. Here, we mean a product that will be loved by worldwide audience or a device so good in every way that people would choose to effectively replace their beautiful wristwatches with it.

Many of those smartwatches already out in the market have been seen to have shortcomings that restrain people from buying. Hence, with the most-awaited release of Apple’s iWatch, you may ponder on these factors in order to check out if this latest smart watch survives the scrutiny as a perfect smart watch.

First, you may have a smartphone and it’s most likely that you own a tablet. Hence you may not like the idea of one more device’s battery being charged daily. The batteries of smartphones might not last the day, and we don’t want the same for our watches. Hence, charging once a week may be okay but once a day is not.It may work contrary to convenience.

Now, you may check out if the gadget uses wireless charging so that you’ll have your smartwatch charged without noticing it. At least there won’t be another wire to bother you. — What is anal bleaching?

handly time watchSecondly, it must be universally designed.Tastes definitely differ. It’s true thatit is a laborious task to design something that will look good on your wrist when you wear your suit. People have different arms and choose watches of different sizes and styles to fit their own.

Thirdly, you may also check on the compatibility. They must be complementary to more functional and powerful devices and services of their ecosystems such that they are aggregators of features and information from other smart devices. This question of compatibility will be not that laborious to handle with Apple, since Apple knows how to polish its products and services. Just check on this too.

It must also be time-proof. Note that people often get used to their old wristwatches and don’t like changing them.

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It must be functional. These watches should be independent in their own right from other devices. It’s better to rid of unnecessary functions that work much better on a smartphone. Here, you don’t have to invent new things to be managed by a watch, just make sure it does what it does the best, and does it way better than other mobile devices. Also, wrapping old functionality into a better form factor is best advised here.

Other good features may also include a phone with a contact list and voice control, something that will enable you to answer an urgent call without having to take your phablet out of the bag. It may also include a mediaplayer which can allow you to skip a song or two in your playlist. This may however drain battery life pretty much. You also expect for a smartwatch that may serve as a tool for social networking, a health-and-fitness tracker,and weathertracker or with alarm. These may be some of the important features that you may expect from a perfect smart watch. Check the Apple Watch if it has all of these.

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